Volume 16
Issue 2

Want to have fun helping bats? Or give a friend a special introduction to the world of chiroptera? How about adopting a bat?

No, we won’t ship you an actual bat, but we will send adoptive parents a colorful packet of batty surprises:

– an 8 x 10 color photo of your chosen bat

– an official adoption certificate

– an endearing letter from your bat

– information on your chosen species

– a "Batty about Bats" bumper sticker

You can adopt any bat on this page for just $15. Or for a special offer of just $25, you can send a friend an Adopt-A-Bat packet and also give them a one-year gift membership in BCI (new memberships only).

Your support will help fund research and education initiatives to protect our furry friends. Just pick which species you want (A through G), then fill out the card enclosed inside and either mail it in or call our catalog order line at 512-327-9721 (or 800-538-2287 in the U.S. and Canada).

A. Leaf-nosed bat

North America
B. Crested bat

C. Epauleted fruit bat

D. Indian flying fox

E. Spotted bat

North America
F. Grey-headed flying fox

G. Mexican free-tailed bat

Southern U.S. to South America