Volume 39
Issue 3

Graduate students can apply for funding through October 31

Conservation-minded bat scholars have until Oct. 31, 2020, to apply for the 2021 BCI Student Research Scholarship. To date, the program has funded 460 student scholars working in 70 countries around the globe. Master’s and Ph.D. researchers can apply for financial support for projects examining one of three broad topics:

1. The effects of human-caused environmental change on bats;

2. Understanding and resolving bat/human conflicts;

3. Answering ecological and behavioral questions essential to the conservation of imperiled bat species.

Additional awards are available for Women in Conservation Science and the Verne & Marion Read Bat Conservation Honor, which is awarded to a student who inspires education and community action to protect bats around the world.

Applications are open from Oct. 1–31, 2020.