Volume 5
Issue 1

It has been a year since BCI relocated from the Milwaukee Public Museum to Austin, Texas, and much has changed. Membership has grown from 900 to over 1700 and is growing rapidly (in the December 1986 issue of BATS we reported 1200 members!). In October, BCI added another staff person to assist in office management, and in February a secretary was added, doubling our full-time staff. We already have outgrown the facilities donated by the University of Texas and must soon rent our own offices.

Aided by major newspaper and magazine articles, interest in bats and BCI has more than tripled since this time last year. The unprecedented amount of publicity continues. See the President’s Page of the February National Geographic, the January 1 issue of American Way (complimentary to passengers on American Airlines), an article in the January 12th edition of the Christian Science Monitor, the January/February Harrow-smith and the March/April issue of Sierra. With the message about bats reaching more people each year, the long-term impact for bats and conservation is hopeful.