Volume 13
Issue 4

Building Fund Completed

Just over two years ago, BCI embarked on a mission to purchase our headquarters building overlooking the beautiful Wild Basin Nature Preserve in Austin, Texas. In July (1995), we received the final pledges which enabled us to make the closing note payment on the building. BCI’s generous trustees, friends, and members contributed over $300,000 to this campaign in just 26 months.

Owning our building is an enormous step toward ensuring long-term stability, not to mention greatly reducing overhead costs. Thanks to your support, we will save approximately $40,000 annually on mortgage payments.

We are truly grateful to the Bass and Houston Endowment Foundations and to one anonymous foundation, as well as our many members who made contributions over and above their normal dues. The money we save on loan payments will now go directly to conservation.

The Staff of Bat Conservation International:
1.Jim Kennedy, North American Bat House Research Project Coordinator
2.Bryan Ockert, Manager of Information Systems
3.Shawn Hall Lecuona, Director of Conservation & Education
4.Andrew Puntch, Administrative Assistant
5.Merlin Tuttle, Executive Director
6.Janet Tyburec, Assistant Director of Conservation & Education
7.Hella Wagner, Membership Assistant
8.Dan Taylor, Director of the North American Bats & Mines Project
9.Marianne Austin, Catalogue/Mail Coordinator
10.Barbara French, Conservation Information Coordinator
11.Linda Moore, Business Manager
12.Amy McCartney, Membership Manager
13.Robert Benson, Public Information Officer
14.Angela England, Educational Resources Coordinator
15.Steve Walker, Associate Executive Director
16.Sara Keleher, Executive Administrator
17.Joan Ivy, Publications Editor
18.Karen Marks, Visual Resources Coordinator
19.Andy Moore, Development Assistant
20.Carolyn Kelly, Administrative Assistant
21.Sara McCabe, Publications Editor
22.Brian Keeley, Bats & Bridges Project Coordinator
Not Pictured:Arnold Phifer, Development Director, John Bowles, Research Associate, Marla Crump, Executive Secretary