Volume 35
Issue 1
NocNectar 10 400px

Bat enthousiasts showed their compassion for bats by purchasing
Freetail Brewing Co.’s Nocturnal Nectar beer. Credit: Jonathan Alonzo.

Bat Week wasnt just for the builders; foodies got in on the action, too. To celebrate bats and their connections to our foods, BCI teamed up with Freetail Brewing Company in San Antonio to hold a Night of Nocturnal Treats. Freetail Brewing Company introduced
its latest microbrew, Nocturnal Nectar, a pale ale named by BCI supporters and made out of several ingredients associated with bats via pollination, pest control and seed dispersal. The brewery donates a portion of the beers sale proceeds to BCI.

Attendees also munched on sweet and savory treats all using ingredients that benefit from bat ecology. Rio Rio Cantina, The Granary, Blue Star Brewing, Sweet Chelas, Local Coffee and the Freetail Brewing Company Brewpub generously provided all the food
and drink.

The highlights of the evening were the bat presentations given by BCI bat experts and special guest San Antonio Councilman Ron Nirenberg. The event and beer raised more than $4,000 for bat conservation. Cheers to that!