The Future Needs All Of Us

Join the cause to end bat extinctions worldwide.


We have the power

At Bat Conservation International, we’re fiercely passionate, expert conservationists and scientists who are leading the charge to ensure the worldwide survival of these extraordinary mammals.

Bats lead us to the best opportunities to protect nature anywhere in the world. Bats are vital to our world’s ecosystems and economy, but nearly 200 species are threatened with extinction.

The future needs all of us, now more than ever.


Our mission is simple — to end bat extinctions worldwide.

The Facts

We won’t stop as long as bats are threatened.

Years in operation with a global mission for bat conservation
Jamaica Team poses for a photo in the jungle
Dr. Winifred Frick

The Facts

We won’t stop as long as bats are threatened.

Countries with BCI supporters
Wyatt McSpadden

The Facts

We won’t stop as long as bats are threatened.

Known bat species and counting
Hoary bat, Michael Durham/Minden Pictures

The Facts

We won’t stop as long as bats are threatened.

Bats protected annually
Mauritius Fruit Bat
Jacques de Speville

The Facts

We won’t stop as long as bats are threatened.

and more, in agricultural and human health savings for the planet every year
pallid bat, J. Scott Altenbach

We won’t back down.

Pressing Needs

Bats face mounting threats every day. Your support ensures that we can be where bats need us most.

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    Barely Hanging On

    Some of North America’s once most abundant bats have lost more than 90% of their populations. If we don’t take urgent action, they could disappear within our lifetimes. Will you help them survive White-nose Syndrome?


    Join The Roost

    Monthly givers are the lifeline for lasting, sustained conservation efforts. Bat conservation doesn’t happen in a day, but with your ongoing support, we can achieve long-term solutions to the challenges facing bats around the world.

  • Urgent

    Prevent Extinctions

    More than 500 terrestrial vertebrates are on the brink of extinction at a faster rate than ever before. One in five of the mammals on that list are bats!  Join us to save bats at risk of disappearing forever.


Protecting Bats Globally

Select a region to learn about our initiatives


Student Scholar: Priscila Carlos

Bat-plant interaction networks across a gradient of forest loss and fragmentation in the Brazilian Cerrado


Student Scholar: Elyce Gosselin

Ecology and conservation genetics of the Galapagos bats


Student Scholar: Cecilia Montauban

Who’s adapting to change? Unraveling the role of cryptic bat diversity in shifting African ecosystems

Equatorial Guinea

Student Scholar: Laura Torrent

The enigmatic Badger Bat and other fantastic beasts: understanding Equatorial Guinea’s bat diversity


Student Scholar: Thangsuanlian Naulak

Bats of Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya: effect of forest patch sizes on species diversity


Student Scholar: Eluid Omusotsi

Using native languages and intergenerational learning tools to appreciate human-bat relationships around Kakamega Forest, Kenya


Student Scholar: Anecia Gentles

Determining the role of cross-species overlap as drivers of Henipavirus persistence


Student Scholar: Sanjeev Baniya

Hibernation roost selection and winter activity of cave-dwelling bats along an elevational gradient


Student Scholar: Elijah Okwuonu

Parasite diversity and conservation of cave-dwelling bats in Enugu State, Nigeria


Student Scholar: María Elena Torres Ruiz Díaz

Monitoring of bats in two green areas of the Metropolitan Area of Asunción,  Paraguay

South Africa

Student Scholar: Veli Mdluli

Quantifying the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on bat communities in a montane grassland ecosystem

United States

Student Scholar: Mallory Davies

Assessing drivers of long-nosed bat movement at the northern extent of their range

United States

Student Scholar: Carlos Linares

Light pollution as a structuring force for bat communities: an experimental and mechanistic investigation


Fijian Free-Tailed bat

Protect the last known maternity roost for the Fijian free-tailed bat


Jamaican Flower bat and Jamaican Greater Funnel-eared bat

Protect two critically endangered bats in Jamaica.

Mexico and the United States

Mexican long-nosed bat and the Lesser long-nosed bat.

Restoring agave for nectar-feeding bats.

North America

Wind Energy

Reduce bat fatalities at wind energy facilities to protect vulnerable species

North America

North American Bat Monitoring Program

Leverage data and collaborate with partners to improve bat conservation across North America

North America

White-nose Syndrome

Develop and implement strategies to help bats survive White-nose Syndrome


Hill’s Horseshoe bat

Recover remaining Hill’s horseshoe bat populations in Central Africa

United States

Abandoned Mines

Protect and assess subterranean features for bat roosting habitat

United States

Bracken Cave Preserve

Protect America’s most economically valuable bat at Bracken Cave Preserve

United States

Conservation of Public Lands

Implement bat conservation on 258 million acres managed by the US Government

United States

Florida Bonneted bat

Conserve America’s rarest bat and its globally imperiled ecosystem