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Say No to Killing 18,000 threatened Mauritian Flying Foxes

Say No to Killing 18,000 threatened Mauritian Flying Foxes


Bellingen Flyout
Credit: Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Bat Conservation International (BCI) was dismayed to learn that the Mauritian government announced (October 6, 2015) its plans to go forward with a plan to cull approximately 18,000 threatened Mauritian flying foxes (Pteropus niger) – 20% of the global population!

“I was very disappointed to learn that science-based arguments against the cull, presented to the Mauritian government this past September by our trusted colleagues in the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, did little deter the government from this decision,” said Dr. Dave Waldien, BCI Director of Global Conservation. “We need the immediate help of BCI’s community and bat conservationists around the world to send a unified message that a cull is not acceptable.”

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation briefed the Mauritian government last month on the status of the Mauritian flying fox and results from the latest research about the level of damage the bats cause to fruit. BCI, the Species Survival Commission and others sent letters opposing culling the flying foxes and encouraging the government to work with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to find a balanced solution.

Please join BCI to oppose the planned cull of approximately 18,000 threatened Mauritian flying foxes (Pteropus niger) by signing this petition


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