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Bats Love to Pollinate

Bats have many services that they provide people and the environment, one of them is their skill to pollinate. How do they do it? Find out.                               

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Celebrating Agave in Marfa, Texas

If you find yourself driving down an endless expanse of US - 90 in West Texas, keep going. Because eventually you will find yourself slowly rolling down the main street of Marfa, Texas - a high desert city with a population resting just under 2000

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Testing Ultrasonic Acoustic Deterrents in South Texas

From the field: a potential step closer to reducing the lethal impact of wind energy on bats.                               

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Preserving Paradise

It takes many voices to create a brighter future for Fiji's bats.                     



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Living the Good Life 

Ah, the pleasures of condo living — limited privacy, minuscule yards, and the joys of dealing with the condo association. But if you’re a bat, condo living can be downright luxurious.  

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