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Species Profiles

Myotis occultus
Common Name: Arizona myotis
Family: Vespertilionidae
Genus: Myotis
Species: occultus

Pronunciation: my-oh-tis a-cul-tus

Formerly classified as a subspecies of the little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus). The Arizona myotis ranges from southern California to Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado (USA), south to Distrito Federal (Mexico); possibly also in west Texas.

In northern Arizona, numerous nursery colonies of 50-100 bats each have been documented beneath exfoliating bark on ponderosa pine snags. The average colony size reported at elevations of 2,262-2,621 m was 50, while that at 2,015-2,262 m was about 220. Two colonies both at the lower elevations contained 444 and 984 bats each. Colonies chose larger than average snags, located on slopes with more exposure to solar heating. Also, especially at the lower elevations, roost snags were closer than randomly sampled snags to water.

In addition to day roosts in tree cavities and crevices, Arizona myotis seem quite dependent upon roosts which provide safe havens from predators that are close to foraging grounds. Unlike their eastern counterparts, the winter habitats of Arizona myotis remain a mystery. These bats may hibernate in hollow tree cavities.

The diet of Arizona myotis is likely similar to that of little brown myotis which forage over water feeding on aquatic insects, mainly midges, mosquitoes, mayflies, and caddisflies.

Approximate Range :

Source: IUCN Red List

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