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Species Profiles

Myotis ciliolabrum
Common Name: western small-footed myotis
Family: Vespertilionidae
Genus: Myotis
Species: ciliolabrum

Pronunciation: my-oh-tis sill-ee-oh-lay-brum

The western small-footed myotis rears its young in cliff-face crevices, erosion cavities, and beneath rocks on the ground. Some females care for their pups alone, while others form small groups. These bats can also be found hibernating in caves or mines, but little else is known about them; they are among America's least-studied animals. Eastern and western species of small-footed myotis are distinct but closely related.

The western species ranges from South Alberta and Saskatchewan (Canada) south through eastern Colorado and western Kansas (USA). It is easily confused with the small-footed dark-nosed myotis (Myotis melanorhinus) and the California myotis (Myotis californicus).

Approximate Range :

Source: IUCN Red List

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