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No need for sophisticated hunting techniques: Equatorial bats live the easy life

Most of the world's bats use extremely sophisticated hunting techniques, but not bats around the equator. They use less sophisticated hunting techniques as their ancestors did millions of years ago. 


Not Just the Birds and Bees – 6 Fast Facts About Pollinating Bats

The birds and the bees may rule the daytime, but as soon as the sun sets, it is the bats that get to work pollinating.  Worldwide, over 500 species of flowers in at least 67 plant families rely on bats as their major or exclusive pollinators. Not only are these little mammals important for pollinating so many plant species; they can be pretty darn cute too!


Women in Bat Conservation: Carol Chambers

Professor of Wildlife Ecology at School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University, who focuses upon bat habitat relationships - why they live where they do


Would there be Cinco de Mayo without bats?

As you sip a margarita today, pause to reflect on the contribution made to the tequila industry by often unacknowledged friends: long-nosed bats.


Women in Bat Conservation: Mylea Bayless

We are lucky to have some of the most passionate Women in Bat Conservation here in BCI! Meet #ScienceWoman Mylea Balyess, our Senior Director of Networking and Partnerships.


Women in Bat Conservation: Susan Wallace

Great conservation work just wouldn't happen without passionate women like Susan who fund the research and conservation actions that help us protect the worlds endangered species.


Women in Bat Conservation: Angie McIntire

Meet Angie, this week's #ScienceWoman in bat conservation! Angie is the Statewide Bat Management Coordinator for the Arizona Game and Fish Department


Women in Bat Conservation: Kirsty Park

Biologist Kirsty Park would love to have the ability to fly, but she will need stronger nerves given she dislikes planes!                           


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