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Remembering Sue Barnard

BCI takes a moment to honor founding member Sue Barnard all she did for bats and bat conservation.


An Intern Adventure

Join Erin, BCI's newest intern, as she visits Bracken Cave to meet the 15 million bats that call the cave home.


Celebrate the Mom bats!

Our Mom’s are really something special and Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to tell them so. Even our batty high flying moms go above and beyond for their kids.


Meet the women who make a difference for bats

Women have played a large role in bat conservation. We are celebrating their contributions as a part of International Women's Day and Women's History Month!


Celebrate International Women’s Day

Women have played a large role in bat conservation. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Bat Conservation International (BCI) is looking back at the wonderful women we highlighted in year's past as part of Women's History month.


What's Singing Got to Do with It?

Tucked away in a tiny tree hollow is a creature that loves to sing. Conventional wisdom might suggest it’s a bird. But don’t be fooled—it’s actually the male lesser short-tailed bat, Mystacina tuberculata.


Batty poetry - Virginia Governor inspired by the Virginia big-eared bat

When the Virginia General Assembly designated the Virginia big-eared bat as the commonwealth’s official state bat in 2005, then Governor Mark Warner felt compelled to have a bit of fun with the declaration. 


Bats bring us National Tequila Day!

As you sip a margarita today, pause to reflect on the contribution made to the tequila industry by often unacknowledged friends: long-nosed bats.


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