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Getting up close with Grey-headed flying foxes

GreyHeadedImagesDuring her recent trip to her homeland of Australia, Micaela Jemison, BCI's Director of Communication and Public Outreach, was able to see a familiar sight - the grey-headed flying fox. 


Messy Eater a Boon for Cactus Fruit

PallidBatThumbThe pallid bat may be best known for munching on scorpions, but new research shows that this bat also enjoys cactus fruit and nectar. 


Young Conservationists Tackle Big Issues

Thumbnail BatsLegoBCI has had the opportunity to work with many creative FIRST LEGO League teams who had chosen bats as the topic of their “Animal Allies” challenge. BCI is delighted to see so many young conservationists interested in finding solutions to the many issues bats face today.


FIRST Lego League Team Takes Home Top Award

Elemental Robots Icon 2When the Elemental Robots, a FIRST Lego League Team from Milwaukee Montessori School, decided to tackle bats and wind turbines they knew just who to call.


High School Students Raise Money for Bats

Alexis Artboard 1Bat Squad's Alexis "Batgirl" Valentine shares with us an innovated way her high school raised money and awareness for bat conservation. 


Cryptic Cookies take on Bat Conservation

IconThis October, the "Cryptic Cookies" - a First Lego League (FLL) team - reached out to Bat Conservation International for help with this year's FLL challenge, "Animal Allies."


The Facebook Bat Photography Challenge

Daniel HardgravesSpread the bat conservation message this Halloween! Daniel Hargraeves tells us about the Facebook challenge that aims to flood facebook with batty images!


Holy Smokes, it's the Bat Squad!

Calvin Thumbnail Passionate and precocious, the next generation of bat conservationists bring their enthusiam to their peers via the Web.                       


Passionate and precocious, the next generation of bat conservationists bring their enthusiam to their peers via the Web.


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