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Disney Conservation Fund Helps Bat Conservation International Support Wildlife and the Environment

Press Release:

Disney Conservation Fund Helps Bat Conservation International Support Wildlife and the Environment

[Austin, Texas, November 26, 2019] – Bat Conservation International (BCI) has been awarded a grant by the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF) to stop the rapid population decline of the endangered Mexican long-nosed bat in northern Mexico. As part of this work, BCI’s bi-national team of experts will lead a series of community-based conservation activities aimed at identifying, protecting, and restoring agave habitat – the key food source for this nectar feeding bat. By harnessing community support, this large-scale initiative will help save the Mexican long-nosed bat by establishing robust ‘nectar corridors’ that the bats can use during their annual migration from Central Mexico to the southwestern U.S.

The fund has been supporting local efforts around the world aimed at saving wildlife, inspiring action and protecting the planet with nearly $86 million distributed to nonprofit organizations since 1995.

Dr. Jon Flanders, Director, BCI’s Endangered Species Intervention Project explains the importance of this work: “This initiative builds on the success of previous work aimed at protecting important cave roosts for this endangered species of bat. Focusing our efforts on protecting and restoring agave habitat in northern Mexico marks a significant step in our conservation efforts to save this species from extinction, none of which would have been possible without the ongoing support of the Disney Conservation Fund.”

DCF grant recipients are selected based on their efforts to implement comprehensive community wildlife conservation programs, stabilize and increase populations of at-risk animals and engage communities in conservation in critical ecosystems around the world.

For information on Disney’s commitment to conserve nature and a complete list of grant recipients, visit

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