Volume 14, Issue 4, Winter 1996

A Lasting Commitment to Conservation

A will can be more than a way of passing our possessions to those we love. It can also express our highest personal ideals. Sometimes, after seeing to the needs of family members, there is still room for a gift that embodies these values and becomes a testament to our hopes for the future.

By arranging a bequest of any size to Bat Conservation International, you can create a permanent legacy that, for decades to come, will address some of the long-neglected but pivotal issues of conservation. Your gift would help ensure a future for bats and the ecosystems they support.

To receive, without obligation, a brochure explaining how to create a bequest easily and effectively, please write:

Bat Conservation International
P.O. Box 162603
Austin, Texas 78716
(512) 327-9721

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