Volume 10, Issue 1, Spring 1992

A New Home for BCI

Thanks to the generous assistance of long-time Founder's Circle member Bill Haber, BCI will be moving to a permanent home in April. Haber purchased the building to ensure that continued BCI growth will be accommodated at affordable costs. Located just west of Austin's Wild Basin nature reserve, the new site is ideally suited to BCI's needs now and into the future.

By mid-1991, we were faced with rapidly escalating lease costs in our current location, combined with the growing scarcity of other long-term lease property. No available space met both our budget constraints and future needs for expansion. Since frequent moves and costly leases could seriously harm BCI progress, the situation was cause for considerable concern.

Haber will lease the lower half of the 10,000 square-foot-building to other businesses, thus leveraging proceeds from their leases to subsidize and stabilize BCI's lease. The ultimate goal is for BCI to purchase the building from Haber with an arrangement that will be a tremendous cost-saving benefit to BCI.

Bill Haber's timely assistance will be critically important in enabling BCI to continue minimizing the cost of overhead so we can stretch every member dollar as far as possible toward achieving real conservation progress. Thanks to Haber's help, BCI and its staff will have a secure home in which to begin the decade ahead. We also thank BCI trustees Mike Cook and Beth Morian, and Sandalwood Management, for their guidance in facilitating the transaction.

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