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Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer 1991


Wilfried Schober and Eckard Grimmberger
Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, 1989
224 pp., 10.95 (U.K.)
This is an excellent guide for professional and amateur alike. It provides a broad introduction to the world of bats, with specific sections devoted to bat legends and myths, evolution, anatomy, flight, roosting habits, feeding, echolocation, courtship, growth, hibernation, migration, banding and conservation. Bat house construction is discussed, and eight designs are shown. The book is exceptionally well-illustrated, including 97 outstanding color photographs. Individual species accounts feature close-up photographs, descriptions of geographic range, behavior, ecology, echolocation and conservation status, and there is a clearly illustrated key to identification

Louise H. Emmons
The University of Chicago Press, 1990
281 pp., $19.95 (softcover)
This is a useful field guide of rain forest mammals found in Central and South America at elevations below 3,200 feet. The majority of the book is a collection of species accounts with identification characteristics, natural history, and geographic range. The guide is illustrated with handsome color and black and white plates painted by Francois Feer. The serious naturalist will make good use of the identification keys to families and genera. To put everything in perspective, the author has included a section on classification, study, biogeography, and conservation of neotropical rain forest mammals. The bat section is very well done and whether or not you travel to Latin America, the book will make a fine addition to any bat enthusiast's library.

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