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Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 1988


From the Pennsylvania Game Commission . . .
When the Pennsylvania Game Commission, in cooperation with the National Audubon Society, initiated 11 "volunteers for wildlife" projects, we had no idea what the outcome would be. We were totally surprised when over 600 expressed interest in doing a summer bat (generic) trend survey. In fact, this was the second most popular project.

Though we had a late start, about 75 people completed the survey. They had fun and certainly represent a force for bat conservation. I will send you a report on the results of this survey later this year.

Next year we may introduce a "short-form" for a backyard or roost-specific bat survey. These surveys are not scientifically vigorous. Rather our primary intent was involvement leading to concern. If you have any thoughts about how we might improve our efforts, I'd certainly welcome them.

Your slide/tape programs are used constantly by our Wildlife Conservation Officers. You can be proud of what you are accomplishing. Thanks from all of us.

Jerry D. Hassinger
Protected Wildlife Biologist
Pennsylvania Game Commission

I recently presented a bat program to a group of 200 individuals at a meeting of the New York Audubon Society. The program was very well received and included BCI's "Bats: Myth and Reality," which is always the highlight of all the bat programs I present. At the conclusion, the group was so inspired to do something for bat conservation, that they made a $50.00 contribution toward BCI conservation efforts.

Please keep up the good work. The word about the beneficial role bats play in our environment is spreading. I am usually overwhelmed with requests for bat programs. The assistance I have received from BCI is much appreciated.

John P. Dunn
Wildlife Biologist
Pennsylvania Game Commission

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