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Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 1988

BCI Offers First Bat Study Workshop

M. Brock Fenton, a leading authority on bat behavior and ecology, will conduct an intensive field workshop, providing "hands-on" training for wildlife biologists and others wishing to learn technical skills to work with bats. BCI is sponsoring the workshop, which will be held from August 8-19 at various field sites in and around Toronto, Kingston, and London, Ontario in Canada.

Few nongame specialists have had an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to determine bat status trends and needs. Many bat populations are in decline, and six American species already are listed as endangered. There exists a serious need for qualified individuals to obtain baseline ecological and census data for many poorly understood species.

Dr. Fenton is Chairman of Biology at York University in Toronto, and is a member of BCI's Scientific Advisory Board. He has designed a thorough program which will include; 1) netting and trapping for field sampling; 2) use of bat detectors; 3) light-tagging and other methods of harmless marking of bats for study; 4) field identification; 5) information on how to conduct bat walks and prepare educational materials; 6) literature sources for additional information.

A registration fee of $895 covers all transportation upon arrival at York University, lodging, 19 meals and field expenses. The registration deadline and a non-refundable deposit of $200 is due by March 1st. Registration information should be requested from Pat Morton, Education Coordinator, BCI. Course enrollment is limited and the first 16 qualified applicants will be accepted.

Participants will handle bats and must obtain pre-exposure vaccinations for rabies. All will receive a certificate of completion. It is possible to acquire academic credit through York University by special arrangement.

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