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Volume 36, Issue 1, 2017

BCI welcomes Mike Daulton


Bat flying in the sky
Courtesy of Mike Daulton

We are pleased to welcome Mike Daulton as BCI’s new Executive Director. Daulton is an award-winning conservationist with two decades of experience as an environmental leader in the nonprofit sector. For the past 17 years, Daulton served as a senior level policy director and organizational strategist for the National Audubon Society, most recently serving as their Vice President of Policy and Strategy.

“The Board of Directors couldn’t be more thrilled to have Mike Daulton leading the BCI team,” said Cullen Geiselman, Chair of the BCI Board of Directors. “His extensive experience in conservation policy, coalition building and strategy will take BCI to new heights.”

“Collaboration with a wide range of partners worldwide has been key to our success in achieving conservation for bats, so Mike’s proven track record in building partnerships is a real plus for us,” Geiselman continued.

Daulton is recognized for his success in building complex coalitions with a wide variety of governmental, nonprofit, philanthropic and private sector leaders to drive conservation at scale. He played a key role in Audubon’s efforts to pass the RESTORE Act through Congress, which delivered $20 billion for Gulf Coast restoration efforts, as well as Audubon’s success in providing new conservation protections across more than 60 million acres of the American West for the greater sage grouse.

“Bat Conservation International is a highly respected and effective organization, working with a wide range of partners in government and industry as well as the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors,” said Daulton. “I am truly honored and excited to work with the talented staff and board to help expand the conservation impact, public support and global reach of this outstanding organization.”

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