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Volume 34, Issue 3, Summer 2015

Ensuring a Bright Future

Announcing the Verne and Marion Read Bat Conservation Award

Fijian Monkey-feced bat - Mirimiri acrodontaVerne and Marion Read were among the earliest and most ardent supporters of BCI. They shared a love of the world’s bats with family and friends, and on their numerous adventures abroad. They also worked tirelessly with Merlin Tuttle (BCI’s Founder) to launch BCI, and we are achieving conservation around the world because of their dedication and commitment. To honor their leadership, the BCI Board of Directors is proud to announce the establishment of the Verne and Marion Read Bat Conservation Award, a funding opportunity for those wishing to strengthen bat conservation beyond the U.S. and Canada.

Recipients of this distinguished award will be chosen from among the applications received by BCI during a given year in response to Requests for Proposals. The Verne and Marion Read Bat Conservation Award will inspire education and community action to protect bats around the world and address critical conservation needs.

Since 1998, BCI has awarded more than $1 million to more than 200 aspiring bat conservation leaders for projects in 40 countries. Many of those recipients are now recognized for their expertise at the highest levels in their home countries and within the international scientific and conservation communities.


Support local, sustainable action
This annual award will provide financial support to worthy individuals and organizations promoting innovative approaches to bat conservation at the local level focused on sustainable results.
Please contact us at (512) 327-9721 extension 14 for more information, or visit to support this fund.

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