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December 2012, Volume 10, Issue 12

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Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains, where habitats range from deserts to high-country forests, support a biodiversity unequaled anywhere else in North America. At least 18 bat species live in these dramatic mountains. Few areas are better suited for Bat Conservation International field-training workshops, so BCI's two 2013 workshops will be based at the American Museum of Natural History's prestigious Southwestern Research Station in Portal, Arizona.

A western yellow bat captured at a 2010 BCI workshop in Arizona. Photo © Chris Woodruff, BCI

These intensive six-day sessions blend lectures and field trips with hands-on training by veteran BCI biologists and regional experts. With the threat of White-nose Syndrome, participants at all BCI workshops will learn and follow approved decontamination guidelines.

Space is very limited this year, so please make your reservations early.

The Bat Conservation and Management Workshop (June 10-15) will provide hands-on experience using mist nets, harp traps, radiotracking gear and bat detectors, along with lectures, discussions and field trips. Field training includes capture techniques, safe and humane bat-handling and species identification. The $1,595 course fee covers course materials, food, lodging and transportation in the field.

The Acoustic Monitoring Workshop (June 4-9) offers biologists, consultants and researchers in-depth experience with cutting-edge technologies. You'll work directly with AnaBat/AnaLook and SonoBat software developers Chris Corben and Joe Szewczak to learn techniques for collecting, recording and analyzing bat calls. The session covers heterodyne, frequency-division, time-expansion and direct-recording techniques, as well protocols for designing an acoustic-inventory project. The $1,795 course fee covers course materials, lodging, food and transportation in the field.

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