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May 2006, Volume 4, Issue 5

Last Chance for a Workshop

A few spaces are still open for this summer’s BCI Bat Conservation and Management Workshops. These hands-on field workshops offer a unique experience to learn about bat and bat conservation not only through lectures from experts, but actually by actually mist-netting and examining bats of varied species.
Participation in field workshops is strictly limited, so when these slots are filled applications will no longer be accepted. All our workshops are for six days and five nights, and materials, meals and lodging are provided
The workshop in western Pennsylvania on August 7-12 features mist netting, radiotracking, night-vision observation, bat-house use, acoustic monitoring and habitat assessment. You’ll see endangered Indiana myotis swarming at a mine entrance, watch 20,000 little brown bats in a spectacular dawn return to their roost at a restored church.
BCI’s Kentucky workshop, August 16-21, focuses on cave-dwelling bats with visits to hibernation and nursery caves of endangered gray and Indiana myotis. Learn from leading cavers and biologists how to detect bats’ previous use of caves and to identify habitat conditions that meet their needs. Fieldwork includes netting and harp-trapping at cave entrances and at feeding and drinking habitats.
Capture bats and develop echolocation-call libraries while you learn to how to get the most from bat dectectors during BCI’s Acoustic Monitoring Workshop at Portal, Arizona. The session covers a variety of hardware and software, call identifications and developing a monitoring program.
For more information and registration forms, please visit BCI's website: and select Get Involved or contact our Workshops Coordinator at or (512) 327-9721.
Don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

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