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Protecting the Cave of Love.

In a cave in Central Mexico, love blossoms for a very special bat - the Mexican long-nosed bat. The quest to save an endangered key pollinator.


Bat Conservation Africa Launches a New Chapter in Guinea

The BCA's network expansion into Guinea will serve as a collaborative effort to protect endangered bats and their disappearing habitats in Africa...


New Rule for Northern Long-eared Bat Fails to Address the Threat of White-Nose Syndrome

“Bat Conservation International is extremely disappointed in the final 4d rule for the northern long-eared bat” says Andrew Walker, BCI Executive Director.


A Christmas Miracle

The rare Florida bonneted bat, spotted once again! We celebrate the New Year with two new roosts found for the critcally endangered species.                              


Milestones That Make Us Smile

This year, BCI was marked by many achievements in the bat conversation arena. With your helping hand, BCI is able to protect the myriad of bat species that exist at home and around the world.


Become a backyard bat researcher!

Scientists studying North America’s rare Florida bonneted bat are reaching out to the community to help them find the elusive species.


Mauritius Bat Cull Update: Death toll exceeds 20,000.

The government endorsed cull of the threatened Mauritian flying fox is officially over, and now more than 20,000 of these threatened bats are dead. 


Applications open for BCI Small Grants program

BCI has opened applications for its small grants program to fund student projects focused on bat conservation priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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