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The best way to prevent Zika in your backyard

With Zika carrying mosquitoes being most active during dusk or dawn, it is a bit unrealistic to rely on bats to prevent the spread of the virus.


New guide to Amazonian bats

Do you think identifying bats in Europe or in North America is difficult? Well, try it in the Amazon. The planet’s green lung is home to the most diverse bat communities on the planet with more than 160 species currently described.


NASBR Teachers Workshop

The North American Society for Bat Research (NASBR) meets annually throughout North America. Bat research biologists attend the NASBR meeting to share their research data and information with colleagues throughout North America and beyond.


$100,000 Awarded in Grants to Fight Deadly Fungus

BCI and the Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy are pleased to award $100,000 in funding to support critical research in the fight against White-nose Syndrome.                      


Deadly Bat Fungus in Washington State Likely Originated in Eastern U.S.

Scientists say bat-killing fungus came to Washington state from back east.                                                  


Stay Out of the Limelight

With all of the bats out in the summer why aren't they eating the fireflies? Find out what's going on.                             


Bats: The unsung heroes of plant pollination

To celebrate pollinator week guest writer and student D. Gasbarrini offers some points on bat pollination!                                        


BCI Shoots for the Stars

Charity Navigator awards it's highest rating to BCI for the second year in a row. BCI has received a rating of Exceptional, meaning we exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in our Cause.


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