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BCI submits testimony to Senate

BCI’s executive director Nina Fascione submitted testimony to the Senate.

WNS-associated fungus on gray bats

WNS-associated fungus detected on federally endangered gray bats in Missouri.

White-nose Syndrome reaches into Delaware

With this addition WNS now impacts 13 States and...

National Pollinator Week

“Pollinators in Action” Digital Photography Contest


Bats, Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Celebrate National Pollinator Week with us!


WNS Detected in Ontario Bats

The first case of bats with White-nose syndrome in Ontario has been confirmed.

White-nose Syndrome confirmed in Maryland

WNS is now documented in 11 states.  Maryland recorded its first documented case of WNS last week.


White-nose Syndrome reaches Tennessee

White-nose Syndrome has moved into Tennessee. It's now in 10 states.


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