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Apply now for Whitley Awards 2014

The Whitley Fund for Nature provides international recognition and funding for biodiversity conservation leaders

Bracken Cave Preserve Update

Talks Begin on a Possible Solution


WNS Fungus Reaches Minnesota

The fungus that causes White-nose Syndrome is confirmed in the northeastern and southeastern corners of the state.

BCI Board Member Makes News

Houston Chronicle article: "Adventures of Cullen Geiselman, Batgirl".

WNS Fungus found in the UK

The fungus – but no disease – is confirmed in the United Kingdom.


Fewer Bats Carry Rabies Than Thought

University of Calgary researchers: bats are not as disease-ridden as the stigma suggests.


WNS in Arkansas

WNS-causing fungus confirmed in Arkansas.

Citizens oppose subdivision near Bracken Bat Cave


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