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Say No to Killing 18,000 threatened Mauritian Flying Foxes

 The Mauritian government announced its plans to go forward with a plan to cull approximately 18,000 threatened Mauritian flying foxes – 20% of the global population!


BCI awards Grassroots Grants for 2015

From Malaysia to Venezuela, Bat Conservation International’s grassroots grants help support bats around the world.                    


Bats Worth Over $1 Billion to Corn Industry

In the grassy cornfields of Southern Illinois bats are on the hunt for insects, and according to new research, farmers have more than a billion reasons to be grateful for it.


International Groups Forge a Global Alliance for Bat Conservation

The International National Trust Organization and Bat Conservation International form a unique partnership to protect the world’s 1330+ species of bats 


Wind industry to get proactive about bat conservation

New industry guidelines aim to save thousands of bats each year by idling turbines at low wind speeds during peak bat migration season.


What's Singing Got to Do with It?

Tucked away in a tiny tree hollow is a creature that loves to sing. Conventional wisdom might suggest it’s a bird. But don’t be fooled—it’s actually the male lesser short-tailed bat, Mystacina tuberculata.


Join us at the Austin Footwear Labs launch party!

Want to learn all about bats while enjoying free beer and food? You may even discover some cool shoes as well!                      


Batty poetry - Virginia Governor inspired by the Virginia big-eared bat

When the Virginia General Assembly designated the Virginia big-eared bat as the commonwealth’s official state bat in 2005, then Governor Mark Warner felt compelled to have a bit of fun with the declaration. 


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