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From Nose-Tubes to Lactating Dads: 10 of the Weirdest Facts about Bats

It's not enough to be the only flying mammal, these bats go way past the norm to be the strangest and coolest creatures out tonight.                                 


Farewell Andrew Walker

BCI wishes a fond farewell to Andrew Walker as he leaves to go on to new ventures.                                                                                                    


Second Graders Go Batty

When a class of sudents in Minnesota learned about bats in class it it didn't take long before their enthusiasm and dedication brought a community and its flying residents together.


Bats Dive in for a Drink

Without a good place to get a drink of water the bats at the Mimbres River are in need of some help. Are you thirsty yet?              


Hope Flies In

Endangered species Day Doesn't have to be sad. Check out these stories of hope and see how people are helping bat populations soar again.


Experts unite to save the Mexican long-nosed bat

Researchers, educators, and government representatives met in Austin last week to establish a comprehensive vision and action plan to help recover this migratory pollinator bat.


Batty Dating Advice to Impress Your Valentine

For many, finding a mate can be pretty stressful, but not for male bats; they pretty much have it down pat. Here’s some batty tips for the dating scene ....


2016 BCI Scholars Announced

Congratulations to the five recipient student scholars for our 2016 Small Grants program. Projects span research and community education in the Amazon, Argentina and Mexico.


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