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A Book that can Save Bats around the World

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A Book that can Save Bats around the World

Published on November 9, 2012
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A lack of scientific information often limits what even the most dedicated bat conservationists can accomplish. The kind of reliable and detailed knowledge that scientists take for granted in the industrialized world can be impossibly rare and expensive elsewhere, especially in remote regions with limited access to technology. The right books can be invaluable tools for conservation.

One such book is Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats, edited by Thomas H. Kunz and Stuart Parsons. Published by Johns Hopkins University Press, this text is widely praised as one of the best and most comprehensive resources for professional bat researchers, educators and conservationists. Unfortunately, due to the book’s prohibitive price — $105 per copy — this vital resource is rarely available where bat conservation is needed most. 

“During workshops I have taught in the Old World Tropics over the last 10 years, I have been concerned that few of the participants (and generally none) have had access to Tom Kunz's methods book,” says renowned bat biologist Dr. Paul Racey of the United Kingdom. “Apart from my own copy, all that was available during six workshops were a few tattered photocopies of odd chapters. It would defeat the purpose of producing such a key resource if it did not reach all of its target audience, such as the younger members of bat conservation networks like CCINSA in South Asia, SEABCRU in Southeast Asia, RELCOM in Latin America, and the planned bat conservation network in Sub-Saharan Africa.” 

You can help BCI make this indispensable text available to the world. Johns Hopkins University Press has generously offered BCI a 50% discount (plus shipping) for this effort! In the coming year, I will be working in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America with some very talented bat conservationists. My dream is to leave at least 200 copies of this book with established and emerging bat researchers and conservationists in those countries. 

This invaluable resource can change the face of bat conservation in developing countries across the globe. Please help us take full advantage of this opportunity. I have reallocated $7,500 of limited grant funding to make this happen, but we need an additional $5,000 to reach our goal. Each book will cost $52.50 plus shipping.

Please donate now to make this dream and other bat conservation efforts a reality.


Dave Waldien, Ph.D.
Dave Waldien
Interim Executive Director
Bat Conservation International

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