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Hey, Lego, Bats Aren’t Monsters!

Published on March 19, 2012
Written by Admin

Lego recently released a new game that portrays bats as monsters. Literally. Heroica, the name of the game as well as the ‘world’ in which the game is set, was once “a peaceful place of culture and beauty” – until it became overrun with monsters.

It is unfortunate that Lego, a leader in children's toys, chose to perpetuate this outdated myth and reinforce baseless fears of such beneficial animals. For centuries, myths and misinformation have led to declines in bat populations. Without bats, humans would be in serious trouble.

Lego is in a unique position to teach young people about conservation and the need to protect their natural environment. Please take a moment to write Lego and express your disappointment about the anti-conservation message Lego is sending to kids. Writing is easy. The above link will take you to Lego's Customer Service email page. After entering your age range on page one, select "Complaint" at the top of page two, and then select "Other" for your topic.