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Grants Accountant Position Open at BCI

The Grant Accountant is responsible for maintaining financial, accounting and grant support services in order to meet the needs of the organization and its grantors and donors.


Agave Abroad

Last night, during a stroll through my 70-degree breezy neighborhood, I stumbled upon a honeysuckle bush. While not mine, I proactively asserted some neighborly


BCI is looking for a Bat Walk Network Coordinator

This full time primary role, based in Texas, is to build and maintain a collaborative network of trained volunteers to lead inspirational bat walks with a focus on providing participants with a nature experience, education about the value of bats.


Bat Walk Events

Learn about bats and the conservation efforts taking place to help spread the word about this amazing, yet misunderstood, mammal.


BCI is looking for a Bats & Wind Energy Network Coordinator

BCI is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual for a full-time position to join BCI’s Bats & Wind Energy Program. The position location is negotiable.


Fungus that causes bat-killing disease White-nose Syndrome is expanding in Texas

BCI announced today that early signs of the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd) have been detected at one of the world’s premier bat conservation sites, Bracken Cave Preserve


BCI is Seeking a Full Time Research Coordinator

BCI is seeking a full time research coordinator for our Bats and Wind Energy Progam.


Helping Migratory Bats with Agave Planting Event

BCI announced today the launch of an agave planting initiative throughout Southwest, Tucson area, and Mexico to support the lesser long-nosed bat


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