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Bat Squad!: Ep.1 Amazing Bats

The kids of the Bat Squad! are excited to share with you what makes bats amazing animals! From tiny echolocating bats to big fruit eating flying foxes, these fascinating creatures can be found all around the world and even in your own backyard!


Get Batty in the Classroom - Calculate the Value of Bats

There are many reasons for students to care about bats. They are fascinating and beautiful animals. In this activity, students will use math skills to learn about the ecological and economic impacts of bats. Students will also use communication skills to convey the importance of bats to our economy and natural world and the potential effects of White - nose Syndrome.

Calculate the Value of Bats - Download

Bat Squad!


You don't have to be an adult to help our bats!

Kids across North America are getting involved in bat conservation in their own backyards. From science projects to lunchtime bat groups to social media campaigns, there are many ways for kids to get involved with helping bats!

The Bat Squad! webcast series, is for kids by kids – featuring eight rising stars from across the USA that have been doing great bat education, research, and conservation activities. Each of our four webcasts are available in English with both French and Spanish subtitles, each with matching activities geared towards Next Generation Science Standards perfect for the home or the classroom!

bat squad
bat squad bat squad


Happy Halloween!

It is time to get batty! This Halloween we have many bat activities and fun facts to share with your family and friends.

bat masks coloring pages e-cards jack-o-lanterns batty recipes


Halloween is a time for scary costumes and delicious foods, but did you know that bats are involved in both sides of the celebrations? 

Bats help bring many of our everyday foods to the table including rice, coffee, numerous fruits and nuts, not to mention some of the most important of our Halloween treats: chocolate and tequila. Bats are our unseen gardeners, with many different foods around the world relying on these nocturnal creatures for pollination, seed dispersal and pest control. Check out below to see if your favorite food has a connection with bats!


bats and food graphic




Jack-o'-lantern carving is a favorite Halloween project for the whole family. This year why not carve a boo-tiful bat on your pumpkin!

BCI will help get you started with our bat jack-o'-lantern templates. They are easy to use, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on your favorite template link below.
  2. Print the PDF that opens in your browser.
  3. Cut a hole in your pumpkin on the top, big enough to get your hand in there.
  4. Scoop out all the stuff in the pumpkin — this part is messy so have fun!
  5. Pin or tape your template/pattern to your pumpkin.
  6. Use an awl or pen to poke small holes along the black edge of the shape.
  7. Remove the paper and, using a knife, cut along the small holes you made.
  8. Drop a candle or light in your pumpkin and take a look in the dark!


No. 1 bat-o-lantern design  No. 2 bat-o-lantern design



Coloring Pages

Clockwork Bat

Many of our bats are insect-munching machines! Imagine how much fun it would be if you could make a robot bat. What kind of robot bat would you make? Would it be super-fast flyer like a Mexican free-tailed bat or would it be able to run on the ground like a vampire bat? Color our clockwork bat and share batty robot ideas with us on Facebook

Download the Clockwork Bat PDF here!

The many faces of bats. 

bat coloring pages

From wrinkled faces to enormous ears, bats have some of the most diverse and interesting faces in the animal kingdom. To celebrate the many faces of bats BCI has teamed up with Smithsonian Libraries to bring you a range of bat-face coloring templates taken from the pages of history.

Artists both young and young at heart can express their creative flair by adding unique colors to bat face outlines reproduced from some of the best illustrations in history. Each bat face is taken from Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms in Nature), a landmark work in the field of naturalist illustration published in 1904 that contains 100 lithographic prints produced from naturalist Ernst Haeckel’s original sketches and watercolors.

bat coloring pages

Born in 1834 in Potsdam, Germany (then Prussia), Haeckel served as a professor of comparative anatomy and director of the Zoological Institute at the University of Jena. Kunstformen der Natur , which is considered one of Haeckel’s most iconic publications, helped popularize science among a broad lay audience of the time. Today, the work resides at the Smithsonian Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).

With Haeckel’s engaging bat faces as your starting point, draw on your own creativity and naturalist spirit to bring a personal touch of color to each page. And remember: Bats not only have many different facial features; they also come in many different colors. So don’t hold back!









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  • Batty Recipes

    Batty Recipes

    A Gambian epauletted fruit bat (Epomophorus gambianus) eats a fig on the go, thereby aiding seed dispersal.
    Credit: — Bat Conservation International

    Looking for a treat that honors our favorite nocturnal creature? To celebrate the positive contributions bats make to our foods we invite you to get involved with some cooking fun!

    No bats were harmed in the making of these recipes.









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