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Volume 18, Issue 2, Summer 2000

Found: Six Shares of AOL Stock. 2000

For the past six months BCI has had six shares of AOL stock sitting in our account. We would love to thank this generous donor, but unfortunately we do not know who transferred it.

BCI receives many gifts of stock from donors each year. Before you transfer your shares, please call for our latest account information and let us know that the gift is coming. Most stockbrokers do not give us donor information on stock gifts, so it is up to you to notify us of the type and amount if you want to be properly acknowledged.

If you would like your gift to remain anonymous, please have your stockbroker notify us. As in the case of the AOL stock, we need to ensure that the gift was intended for BCI and was not transferred to us by mistake. We cannot sell the stock without verification of the transaction.

We thank all of those who have contributed to bat conservation through gifts of stock. For more information on donations of this kind, contact Arnie Phifer at (512) 327-9721.

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