Volume 17, Issue 4, Winter 1999

On the Cover

Vol 17, No. 4- Winter 1999

By sheer coincidence, artist Holly L. Wilkerson of San Jose, California, donated this beautiful painting just in time for the publication of the bat house article on page 3.

It seems Wilkerson had done her homework, because the idyllic scene incorporates many of BCI’s bat house recommendations. Her back-to-back houses are placed on poles with a shared overhanging roof, vents, and dark brown paint for solar heating. The houses sit high above the ground in a clearing, away from trees, protecting the resident bats from predators.

Many thanks to Wilkerson for this generous and timely gift. For more information on bat houses, see the “Backyard Bats” article, opposite, or The Bat House Builder’s Handbook (a BCI publication).

Painting by Holly L. Wilkerson

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