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Volume 16, Issue 3, Fall 1998

Wish List

Your help with any of the following special needs would greatly increase our effectiveness. To make a donation, or for more information, please call Bob Benson at BCI, 512-327-9721, ext. 27.

With 31 employees, BCI's single office copier is being pushed to its limits. A second machine is badly needed to keep up with the demands of our busy office and save precious staff time. Donations in any amount to help defray the cost of a new Minolta 2050 photocopy machine or similar model would be greatly appreciated ($6,240).

Two-Way Radios
BCI's field staff would be grateful for donations toward the purchase of three sets of Motorola 7X Sport Radios. These compact two-way radios allow communication among biologists when observing and radiotracking bats at workshops and remote field sites and are especially important for safety in rugged terrain ($200 each set).

BCI thanks Tom & Miriam Schulman of Los Angeles, CA, for their gift toward the purchase of camera gear.

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