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Volume 16, Issue 1, Spring 1998

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed this summer to assist biologists from the U.S. Forest Service with research on the Kaibab Plateau (between the Grand Canyon and Utah border). Your responsibilities will include collecting baseline population data, identifying roost locations and habitat characteristics of two uncommon bat species, and monitoring an artificial bat roost structure (Bat Bark) that is being tested for tree-roosting bat species.

Project 1
June 1 - 26, 1998
Volunteers will monitor Bat Bark roosts as well as known bat tree roosts for use by bats. Comparisons will be made between the natural and artificial roosts to determine the effectiveness of the artificial roosts and what changes could be made to make them more useful to bats.

Project 2
July 6 - 31, 1998
Volunteers will continue ongoing research on two uncommon bat species that are using the high elevation meadows of the Kaibab Plateau for foraging and that appear to be day roosting in the Grand Canyon. We will mist-net for bats over water, and radiotrack one species to its remote day roost sites. The other species will have fecal samples collected to attempt to identify their prey species.

Housing and vehicles will be provided, and possibly a per diem. Rabies pre-exposure vaccinations will be provided for volunteers selected for mist netting.

Volunteers may apply for one or both projects. Send a résumé (and please specify which project you prefer) to:

      Melissa Siders
      North Kaibab Ranger District
      PO Box 248, Fredonia AZ 86022
      (520) 543-7395

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