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Volume 20, Issue 2, Summer 2002

The Future is Built One Piece at a Time

We all dream of leaving the world a better place, of having an impact that survives into the future. A planned gift can let you realize that dream by continuing your partnership with Bat Conservation International so future generations will enjoy bats and their many benefits. Here are a few who are leaving a lasting legacy:

Thomas W. Ammerman Jr.
A lifelong scholar of ecology, natural history, and horticulture, Mr. Ammerman was a BCI member for 15 years. A chemical engineer by trade, he was so dedicated to bats and education, that he developed his own series of bat lectures and delighted audiences with his enthusiasm. His bequest to BCI, announced shortly before his death at 78, will keep his devotion to educating the public about bats alive for years to come.

Anton Schindler
In Loving Memory of
Valerie H. Schindler

Mr. Schindler enjoys reading, gardening, and watching the animals that visit his yard. But one of his greatest pleasures is the memory of his wife, Valerie. She was, he fondly recalls, a very special person with a special love for bats. Mr. Schindler is honoring her memory and helping to pass on her love of bats to new generations through a bequest in his will to Bat Conservation International. The funds he leaves BCI will contribute directly to the conservation of bats and their habitats.

Laura Mazanti
Laura dedicated her life to learning about animals and how to help them. She earned her Ph.D. in biology just seven months before she died at age 37. Laura was particularly drawn to the persecuted creatures she called Ôthe underdogs,' animals such as bats. After receiving a scholarship to attend a BCI workshop, Laura became a special advocate for bats in both her personal and professional life. Through her bequest to BCI, she will continue helping other young people learn about the benefits and beauty of these gentle creatures.

Marc & Kate Weinberger
A newspaper article introduced Marc and Kate to BCI nearly 20 years ago. They joined, attended a workshop, participated in BCI ecotours, and were impressed with the extent to which every dollar invested was multiplied through positive partnership approaches that achieved lasting results. By including a bequest to BCI in their will, Marc (an attorney) and Kate are ensuring that their commitment to bat research and conservation will continue far into the future.

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