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Volume 15, Issue 4, Winter 1997

Discover Bats! A Dynamic New Educator's Kit Takes Flight

Although most of us didn't learn about bats until sometime in adulthood, more and more children today are being taught the wonders of Chiroptera at school. Many teachers have discovered that bats offer an ideal introduction to a variety of scientific concepts and other subjects as well.

Now BCI brings fun and ease to bat-related curricula with our new Discover Bats! educator activity kit. This creative package pairs a 21-lesson educator's handbook with a 46-minute video. The video is divided into four segments, each paralleling different lessons in the handbook. We have re-edited and re-mastered many of the fascinating scenes from Survival Anglia's famous documentary, The Secret World of Bats, integrating this with new footage that includes lessons on conserving bats, finding bats in your neighborhood, and building your own bat house. The result is a fresh new program, now hosted by young narrators Hallie Singleton and Bert Grantges.

The Discover Bats! teacher's handbook offers more than 160 pages of lessons designed for students aged nine to fifteen. Students will use essential skills such as reading comprehension, mathematics, research, and creative writing to learn and reinforce knowledge about bat behavior, habitat, ecology, and conservation. Each lesson includes an introductory reading selection for students, a teacher's step-by-step guide (with subheads such as "Overview," "Skills," and "Materials"), and student worksheets, designed for photocopying.

BCI would like to thank the many teachers who generously contributed their lesson ideas and who reviewed and tested the final product. The following quotes are excerpts from a few of their reviews, which we think reflect some of the strengths of this unique educational product.

Discover Bats! presents a clear, unified, and friendly voice. Although the lessons are united by subject, each lesson can stand alone. The information is easy to understand and presents a nice mix of new vocabulary and standard science terms. With a consistent layout from lesson to lesson, the book is both effective and user-friendly, and the pages themselves are very attractive.

Gayle and Bunny Marechal,
San Antonio, TX
Teachers, 8th-grade English, 7th-grade Science

Discover Bats! gives students a chance to break through ingrained misconceptions about bats and then to become bat educators themselves. I also like the way it encourages them to discuss things and tell their own stories.

Diana Simons, Pasadena, CA
Educator and U.S. Forest Service biologist

Discover Bats! gives a well-rounded overview and adheres to recommended curriculum. It teaches students the skills of the scientific process--for example, data collecting and making hypotheses. It promotes cooperative learning strategies, such as assigning roles. And it adheres to Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences by exposing the students to all seven of these "intelligences"-- linguistic, spatial, mathematical-logical, etc. But best of all, the consistent step-by step set-up and easy materials list on every lesson are truly "teacher friendly."

Rosemarie Curcio, New York City, NY
Special Education Teacher,
4th- to 6th- grade Reading and Math

You can review a sample lesson by visiting the BCI web site at To order Discover Bats!, please call the BCI catalogue order line at 1-800-538-BATS (2287) in the U.S. or Canada, or call 512-327-9721 during office hours. The book-and-video package is $39.95 for BCI members; $41.95 for nonmembers.

A film crew captures Discover Bats! hosts Bert Grantges and Hallie Singleton at the entrance of a bat cave as they introduce another lesson on the Discover Bats! video.

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