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Volume 15, Issue 2, Summer 1997

'The Secret World of Bats' Special Offer

Share what you know about bats . . .

Share what you know about bats . . .

With its 1992 debut on CBS television and frequent showings on the Discovery Channel, the BCI-Survival Anglia film The Secret World of Bats has shared the beauty of bats with millions of people. Actor Stacey Keach narrates the adventure as cinematographer Dieter Plage follows Merlin Tuttle across five continents, capturing all aspects of bat behavior with stunning slow-motion photography. You’ll see bats courting, rearing their young, and hunting prey. You’ll witness the symbiosis between bats and desert cacti, tropical rain forest trees, and the African baobab “tree of life.” And you’ll meet bat conservationists the world over, from Thai monks to Australia’s “bat mums.”

This award-winning 48-minute documentary is perhaps the most powerful educational tool BCI has ever created, and we’d like more people to have the opportunity to see it. We’re offering the video at half off--a special $20 member price--this summer to ensure that all of you can afford not only to own a copy but perhaps to buy a copy for a friend or your local library or school as well. We hope you will take advantage of this limited-time offer. Join us in showing your family, friends, and community the amazing world of bats that you as a BCI member are helping to conserve every day. Please see ordering instructions on the inside back cover.

Video Ordering Instructions:
Offer good through September 15th only, no exceptions. $20 each copy, includes shipping. (Texas residents add 6.25% tax.) Checks should be payable to Bat Conservation International. US funds only.

To order, you may call our toll-free order line 24 hours a day: 1-800-538-2287 (in the US and Canada; otherwise call the BCI office during office hours at 512-327-9721).

You may also mail your order to: Video Order, BCI, P.O. Box 162603, Austin, Texas 78716
Or you may fax your order 24 hours a day to: (512) 327-9724

Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.
Rush orders cannot be taken over the 800 phone line. Please call the BCI office directly at (512) 327-9721. Appropriate rush charges will apply.

Request product #VI-9 and please give us your member number from the mailing label on the back cover of this magazine. This offer is not available in our regular catalogue or on the BCI web site.

Scenes from The Secret World of Bats video, from top: an emergence in Thailand; filming Honduran tent bats roosting in a giant heliconia leaf; the mighty baobab tree of Africa; and an epauleted bat seeking nectar from the night-blooming baobob flower.

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