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Volume 14, Issue 2, Summer 1996


Thanks to the paintings and drawings assorted artists have donated to BCI over the years, we have been able to share the beauty of bats in many new and different ways. We're always interested in new professional bat art for our products and publications. If you would like BCI to consider using your bat art, please send us a photocopy or photo--no originals, please. We're interested in line art, full-color, and everything in between, any medium. We'll keep anything sent to us on file (it will not be returned to you), and should we decide to use your art, we'll contact you for permission.

Artists whose work we use will be credited and will be eligible for in-kind payment, such as a free membership or renewal and complimentary samples/copies of items on which the artwork is printed.

Please send your photographed or photocopied art to:

Bat Conservation International
Attn: Artwork
P.O. Box 162603
Austin, TX 78716

The Mexican long-tongued bat (above) is just one of many paintings donated to BCI by artist and member Andrea Peyton. Artwork like Peyton’s lets us create unique products for our catalogue and increases the appeal of BCI's conservation message.

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