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Volume 13, Issue 3, Fall 1995


BCI's successful field study workshop program, now in its seventh year, has provided training to hundreds of wildlife biologists, educators, and other serious students of bat conservation. Through hands-on experience, participants learn
bat conservation and research techniques including netting, trapping, radiotracking, night-vision observation, and habitat assessment. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available for federal and state agency biologists, land managers, and others with special needs. Prices are all-inclusive from the departure city.

In Arizona we emphasize identification and monitoring techniques. We can expect to capture and release as many as 16 species in a single evening, with additional close-up observations of endangered long-nosed and Mexican long-tongued bats at hummingbird feeders. The field site at the American Museum of Natural History Southwestern Research Station is located
in a beautiful riparian canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains, and is among the most species-rich areas of North America.

Limited to 12 people per session.
Choose one of three 5-day sessions
starting June 1, June 6, or June 11, 1996
COST: $995 (from Tucson, AZ)

In Pennsylvania we emphasize habitat protection and artificial roosts. Activities are designed to teach participants how to make a personal difference for bat conservation. Included are field trips to view occupied bat houses, a sanctuary for a maternity colony of 10,000 little brown bats, and a gated limestone mine that is home to six species of hibernating bats. Nestled along the Little Juniata, a blue-ribbon trout stream in Rothrock State Forest, the historic Greene Hills Manor provides excellent accommodations and traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch cooking.

Limited to 15 people per session.
Choose one of two 5-day sessions starting July 30 or August 4, 1996
COST: $995 (from Harrisburg, PA)

For the past five years, BCI has been offering natural history tours like no others: special trips to tropical locations with an emphasis on creatures of the night--bats!
Join us in one of these opportunities to become acquainted with bats in their natural habitats and to observe the vital
ecological roles they play. Prices are all-inclusive from the departure city.

Founder's Circle Tour in East Africa

Each year BCI's Founder's Circle members receive special announcements for exclusive trips guided by Merlin Tuttle. Our 1996 Africa trip filled up so quickly that we've had to expand it into two back-to-back trips. Limited spaces on the second tour are now available to all members. Come with us on this one-of-a-kind 15-day adventure and enjoy the exotic African bats, birds, and big game that abound in our remote destinations. For a description of this tour, see the article on page 18.

Very limited space available.
February 16 - March 1, 1996
COST: $5,898 (from New York City, NY)
Price includes a $1,000 tax-deductible contribution to BCI, which gives you the benefits of the Founder's Circle level of membership for one year.
For an itinerary and registration certificate, contact BCI's Development Director, Arnold Phifer, at 512-327-9721, ext. 26.

Last year's Founder's Circle trip to Venezuela was so successful that we have designed a similar tour open to all members for 1996. Don't miss this chance to see dozens of species of unusual bats, as well as crocodiles, parrots, monkeys, and the many other wonders of the forests, llanos, and coastline. For a glimpse at some of the adventures in store for us, see the description of last year's trip in the article on page 18.

Limited to 20 people.
April 4 - April 11, 1996
COST: $3,298 (from Miami, FL)
Price includes a $250 tax-deductible donation to BCI's Latin American Conservation and Education Intitiatives Program.

For a complete itinerary, or to register, contact Janet Tyburec at BCI, 512-327-9721, ext. 13.

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