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Volume 13, Issue 3, Fall 1995

BCI Expands Outreach Through the World Wide Web

Communication by computer and modem is one of the fastest and most far-reaching methods for disseminating information. With approximately 20 million users worldwide, the Internet offers an ideal, cost-effective tool for an international organization like BCI.

To reach this global audience, BCI has gone online with our own Web-site on the World Wide Web. The Web, a service on the Internet, allows users to click through colorful documents which can include sound, graphics, and photos. BCI's Web-site features 25 pages of bat information, including a U.S. species list, bat trivia, reading lists, advice on nuisance and public health concerns, and our catalogue of bat products. Bryan Ockert, our Information Systems Manager, provides regular updates on current projects and new topics.

The address for BCI's Web-site is: To access the Web, you need to contact a service provider such as Netcom (800-353-6600) and use browsing software such as Netscape 1.1.

Through our Internet connection, we also have electronic mail (e-mail) capabilities. Following are some e-mail addresses that you may find useful for contacting us:
for membership information
for bat and bat house information
for sales inquiries
for comments or questions regarding our Web-site

We hope that members will take advantage of this new medium to learn more about bats and BCI.

We thank Morgan Boatman of Winter Communications for the new "hi-tech" version of the BCI logo displayed on the Web-site.

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