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Volume 13, Issue 1, Spring 1995

Merlin Tuttle to Lecture in Chicago

MERLIN TUTTLE WILL give a special lecture at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago on Sunday, July 16, at 2 PM. The talk is being presented in conjunction with the "Masters of the Night" exhibit, which will be at the museum from June 16 through September 4. BCI members and museum members will be admitted free. The cost to the general public is $5.00. Members should bring their membership cards to present at the door.

This highly successful exhibit has been touring the country since the summer of 1993. A unique hands-on teaching exhibit produced by BBH Exhibits with BCI, it is the largest and most thorough conservation exhibit about bats ever produced. It teaches children (and their parents) to understand and appreciate bats through 20 interactive displays.

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