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Volume 10, Issue 1, Spring 1992

A personal note from the founder of BCI

By Tuttle, Merlin D.

Bat Conservation International's success during our first 10 years has been phenomenal, but we have grown and flourished only with the support of many.

Our members not only have contributed essential funding, they also have become actively involved, sharing their knowledge with friends, writing to legislators and others, and using BCI educational materials to vastly increase our outreach.

Sponsorship by BCI Founder's Circle members, foundations, and corporations has made many major conservation initiatives and important discoveries possible. And collaboration with other conservation groups and colleagues to accomplish mutual goals has ensured the success of some of our most important accomplishments.

I have been privileged to become personally acquainted with many of you and have especially enjoyed the projects in which we have been able to travel and work together. I wish I could meet all of you and that you could share with me the exhilaration of seeing first-hand the tremendous progress we are making.

I am deeply indebted to each of you, and to our distinguished board of trustees, for your encouragement, guidance, and invaluable assistance. Your dedication has made an enormous difference to the future of bats and to the diversity of life on earth. BCI's staff joins me in extending our most profound thanks.

Merlin D. Tuttle
Founder and Executive Director

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