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Volume 9, Issue 1, Spring 1991


From time to time, BCI's rapid growth creates the need for equipment and other items to help us function more efficiently. Additionally, staff must attend conservation conferences to carry out our mission. Members may be able to help us meet some of these needs.

  1. you need more information, or wish to make a contribution, please call Linda Rogers at BCI, 512/327-9721.

IBM (or clone) 386 computer with 40M hard drive, new or almost new, for production of BATS.

  1. 800/850 Dot Matrix Printer.

  1. Foundation Directory, 13th Edition, 1990-91 ($165).

$450 requested for local purchase of projecter and screen. Needed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Republic of Vanuatu (a participant in BCI's 1990 Pacific Island Flying Fox Conference) to raise awareness of the importance of bats on the island.
Travel Assistance
For BCI's Director of Education to attend the annual meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology, June 18-22, Madison, Wisconsin ($580)

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