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Volume 6, Issue 3, Fall 1988

BCI Announces Publication of Merlin Tuttle's Book

Merlin Tuttle's book, America's Neighborhood Bats, is being published by the University of Texas Press. Generously illustrated with his world renowned color photographs, the book introduces the lay reader to the world of bats. It places emphasis on the more common North American species, especially those most often encountered by people, providing range maps and an easy-to-use key for their identification. Special attention is given to correcting misperceptions about bats, thoroughly addressing some of the most often asked questions. Chapters on how to deal with unwelcome bats in the home should be especially helpful, containing detailed instructions and illustrations. And for those who want to attract bats to their backyards, there is a discussion of bat houses, including building plans.

America's Neighborhood Bats is delightful reading for bat enthusiasts and is also an invaluable resource for professionals who are often called upon to answer questions from both the public and press. Health department officials, physicians, veterinarians, museums, zoos and nature centers will find this book especially helpful

America's Neighborhood Bats will be available after October 21 from BCI's Fall/Winter 1988 Catalogue...$19.95/Member $17.95 (hardcover) and $9.95/Member $8.95 (softcover), plus shipping. Donate a copy to your local health department or library! (Libraries accept hardcover only)

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