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Volume 22, Issue 1, Spring 2004

‘The Call of the Wild’ – Part 2

When the Houston Zoo began a cell-phone recycling program to benefit Bat Conservation International (BATS, Winter 2003), BCI members responded like – well, like BCI members. “I am receiving phones by mail almost daily now from all over the United States from people who say they saw the ad in your member magazine,” says Carol Kriegel, who’s coordinating the program.
About 200 phones have been received, including those from BCI members in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and Washington, she said. “I think this is a great response!” The first check to BCI, which receives all the money raised in the program, is due shortly.
The Wireless Foundation pays for every cell phone, battery or charger that’s donated, and the equipment will be refurbished and sold or safely recycled. The zoo’s appeal: “Answer the Call of the Wild – Be a Bat Crusader.”
The program continues at least through this September. A phone-recycling bin is located at the zoo’s gift shop or cell phones may be mailed to:
Houston Zoo Inc.
Cell Phone Recycle
1513 North MacGregor
Houston, TX 77030

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