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Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 1985

Announcing New Bat Slide Program

"Bats: Myth and Reality" is an exceptionally interesting and informative program. It includes 80 top quality slides of bats worldwide by Dr. Merlin Tuttle, and a 16 minute cassette tape narration (auto-sync slide advance on side 1 and sound-beeped manual control on side 2).

From giant flying foxes to the world's smallest mammal, bats of virtually every imaginable description-pouched, crested, epauletted, yellow-winged and more-are shown doing everything from fishing to pollinating flowers. Their values, plight and conservation needs are stressed in a manner sure to interest everyone.

All proceeds support bat conservation. Order: Bat Conservation International, c/o Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee WI 53233, USA. Price-, $95, $75 to BCI members.

Our first program, "Saving America's Bats," is still available It includes 49 top quality slides by Dr. Tuttle and a 19 minute cassette tape narration (as above). More than 500 of these already are in use. The price is $55, $35 to BCI members.

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