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Volume 0, Issue 1, Winter 1983

Special Thanks

Verne and Marion Read, George Chester and the Chapman Foundation have contributed generously to the financial support of BCI, both for daily operation and for unique field projects. Christine Stevens, Craig Van Note and Dr. Don Thomas provided much in valuable advice. Dr. Virginia Tipton worked diligently to promote BCI memberships and contributions. Karen Engledinger, Althea Lilly, Kay Mannes, Mike Neuwirth, Pat Morton and Heidi Zogg helped make this newsletter and many of BCI's other conservation a ctivities possible.

Carol Mahan reached approximately two million newspaper readers with her articles about bats, and the State of Illinois has published her brochure, "Bats and You". Many other BCI members and sup porters have contributed additional articles, including appeals in widely read conservation newsletters. Bob Currie and Fred Bagley, both endangered species specialists with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, have gone far beyond the call of duty. Each has spent hundreds of hours assisting on pe rsonal time with bat conservation projects throughout the southeastern United States.

We hope to report many other important member activities in future newsletters. These personal efforts are essential and much appreciated. Please keep us informed of your activities, and let us know how we can help.

A Common Long-tongued Bat (Glossophaga soricina) pollinates a Tricanthera flower in Panama.

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